Athens based Greek DJ and producer Mister Kentro loves his music of all kinds and it shows, not only in his multi-genre dj sets, but also in the music he produces.
His music draws on inspiration from the Balkans, the Carribean and South America.
He is a member of the Balkan Riddims collective, alongside PS.K., Gobey & P-Gial.
Next week they are releasing their new ”Shout It Loud” EP on the Greek label Timewarp Music.
Mister Kentro is also currently co-producing an LP under the name SUPERSAN alongside Panama Cardoon, featuring mcs and musicians from around the globe.

How would you describe the music scene in Athens & which other Athenian dj’s / producers do you admire? 
Although Athens is dealing with very tough situations because of the financial crisis, the music scene has managed to stay alive.
There are many djs and producers in Athens that I admire and I follow. Most notable of them is the entire Jugglaz Squad, the Athenian dj team that I am a member of, along with Panama Cardoon, which is my partner of the SUPERSAN project, and also Palov and Kill Emil.

What frustrates you about this city? 
I still don’t know exactly! Maybe the great ego that you can identify in many people.

Where do you go or what do you do when you feel the need to be inspired?
I usually stay home with good friends listening to music. Sometimes though i prefer to go out for a short walk in my neighbourhood.
Also, a great inspiration for me could be a chat via skype with my partners and brothers, Balkan Riddims.

Where is the best place to go for a drink in Athens?
Places with good and loud music with people who dance. There many such places in Athens and I am lucky enough to take over the decks at some of them and share my music with people looking to have a great time.

What is your favourite Metro stop in Athens and why?
Kerameikos, because it’s near my house.

How would you describe this mix and why did you name it Thiseio? 
My mix is a blend from various music styles, including World Electronica, Tropical and Global Bass.
I called it Thiseio because if Thiseio was a dj mix I think that it would sound like this mix.

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