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There is no one genre or style to classify the many achievements of Kevin Yost. Ever since picking up drumsticks at the age of four, Kevin has been obsessed with creating and performing music. DJ, producer, film composer, drummer..he has consistently thrived and evolved by indulging his passion.

With close to 100 single releases, 8 albums and many mix cd’s over the years since, Kevin has earned his reputation as an artist who has no desire to stop creating music and pushing forward. Long before electronic music became popular and the word DJ became a household term, Kevin’s focus has been on the integrity of his music and spinning a rhythmic story during his performances.


You have been DJ’ing since the 1990’s how has the house music scene evolved over that time? 
There are many things that has happened since that time that has changed the house music scene. The word DJ has become mainstream, when back in the day if I told someone I was a DJ they would ask what radio station I worked for. Then you had the digitalization of music and the slow death of vinyl records. Then house music came to America as EDM and the true house music sound got saturated with people who discovered the music not by hearing it but by seeing it as a product that was becoming trendy. This also led to the influx of more DJ’s and more producers. In the 90’s I would say maybe three or four people in the club were also DJs. These days I would say 75 per cent are DJ’s and producers. This is not a bad thing it is just a different dynamic on house music that has created this fad like situation but has also introduced a lot of people to this music we love called house.

You have performed all over the world, what are some of your favourite cities to play in? 
Well I’m not just saying this because of this question but i have always declared Greece my favourite place to play and my home away from home. I feel like I have a real connection to the people in Greece when I play and as an artist this is very important.

Where do you find your music inspiration? 
I get inspired by everything. good and bad. being on the road and meeting people who love my music is very inspiring and makes me want to keep creating new music. For me it’s not always about sitting down with an idea, it’s more like this energy that builds up and it needs to be released and the only way for me to do this is by making music.

I feel like I have a real connection to the people in Greece when I play and as an artist this is very important.

Who are some of the new artists you enjoy listening to? 
There are producers from all over who are creating very interesting stuff and this means that the house music scene is very healthy and is inspiring great young talent.

Do you like any Greek DJ’s / producers? 
It’s been a few years since I’ve played in Greece to hear all the new up and coming DJ’s but i really like how Mihalis Safras plays. there are also many great DJ’s who play before me that are very talented and know exactly how to set the room up. the opening DJ’s are the ones I respect the most

What’s your favourite thing to do in Athens? 
Finding my wife to be he he. There is so much to do in Athens, I’ve spent so much time there and still have not done or seen much of anything. Greece in general is a magical place for me

How would you describe Athens to friends that have never been? 
It’s very hard to describe Athens without actually being there, meeting the people, eating the food and seeing so many interesting things. It’s a mix of very very old and very very new with a lot of Greek tradition. You really have to go to Athens to understand it, it’s the only way to experience it.

Kevin has just touched down in Greece for a summer tour, he will be performing in Thessaloniki, Athens and Mykonos. If you get the chance to catch him live, do yourself a favour and make it to the dance floor, you won’t be disappointed.

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