008 | GIGANTA presents KORBI



Athens based DJ and producer Giganta has developed her own unique style and with it a loyal following of music lovers looking for something different. Refusing to be pigeonholed, you may find her playing everything from UK garage to straight up house. In this mix for Lost Sounds, she takes us on a deep journey of mellowed out beats and rhymes. 


What do you love most about Athens?
I love that the sea is so close.

What is the one thing you would like to change about Athens?
I would change the bad vibes.

How would you describe the music scene in the city?
The music scene is not that big. There are some local producers I appreciate their work, because they create their own personal sound. I think people should search more for the “different” or somehow fusion of sounds, and this way they will discover something interesting. The next generation of producers seems promising. 

What is your favourite bar or club in Athens and why?
My favorite bar in Athens is a small bar called “Lotte” in Koukaki area. It plays smooth jazz most of the time, and has great cocktails.

What did you name this mix Korbi?
“Korbi” is the name of the area I live during summer. Is a pretty quiet area, and I enjoy listening or making music there. 

How would you describe this mix?
The mix is a selection of music I listen to when I am at home, or music I play on my “Madly” radio show. Good vibes only!

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