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A small post-it note on a bus stop in Athens wishing us a good day was enough to put a smile on our face and intrigued us to find out more about The Kalimera Project.

What is the Kalimera Project?

The καλημέρα project is our idea of making the world a little bit happier and brighter. We are just trying to put some smiles on people’s faces.

Basically, we create some messages, on post-it notes and on non-sticky paper and stick them around the town. So we place them on trains and busses or at stations, in buildings like universities, place them inside books at public libraries, on cafeteria tables, everywhere we go.

Our goal is to make the project as big as it can get, by inspiring people to do something similar, meaning a random act of kindness, or whatever they could think of for strangers, to be kind, to think more of the people around them, even just say “καλημέρα” more often.

How long have you been doing it?

We are doing it for 2.5 years. We created the social media accounts and came up with the hashtag idea a couple of months ago, to keep a track of the reactions and the feedback and to try and make it bigger and involve as many people possible.


How did you first get the idea?

I came across one of those grab a free smile posters on a wall, and kept thinking about how much that would make my day and wishing that someone would do something like that. Then, I figured that someone had to actually do it for me to find it, so I decided that I should be the one doing it. I find the whole “random acts of kindness” thing a great idea and I was astonished when I read some relevant stories and realised how far it could go into actually making peoples lives better.

How many people are involved in the project and what are their ages?

Currently, there are three of us. Me, D, the one who came up with the idea and the creator of the project, my good friend M, who found out about it accidentally, loved it and is helping me since, and C, who found one of our “have a great day” messages, got excited and contacted us asking to be a part of the project. We are all in our early 20’s.

The καλημέρα project is our idea of making the world a little bit happier and brighter. We are just trying to put some smiles on people’s faces.

What are some of the more interesting places you have posted your notes?

We find every place as interesting as the next one. We are placing our messages to places that people come across in their everyday life. My personal favourites are the pin-boards of the University, where I prefer to pin take-one messages. We also place them outside doors, inside libraries and on places you would expect people to be bored, and maybe cranky, like on traffic light posts and bus stops.

What has been the reaction to your project?

Very little people know that we are behind that project. Some of our very close friends that know about it have actually expressed a lot of positive feelings and thoughts, and some of them are helping us a lot with ideas, by sticking our post-its or just by encouraging us.

About the online community, people have welcomed the project very much, the feedback is amazing sometimes. Very often strangers post photos of our messages and the hashtag with very loving and encouraging comments that confirm that sometimes we actually do bring a smile to someone’s face


You can find TheKalimeraProject on instagram at @thekalimeraporject and on facebbook at www.facebook.com/thekalimeraproject

Images courtesy of The Kalimera Project



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